Congregation Sukkat Shalom

April 30, 2017

Ice Cream Social

As part of the Juneau Police Department’s 2017 Year of Kindness, CSS hosted an Ice Cream Social for our temple neighbors on Saturday, April 29. Balloons were flown, games were played, stickers were handed out, and lots and lots of ice cream was eaten.
The purpose for the Social was multi-fold: to let our neighbors know what the odd looking building is, to thank our neighbors for allowing us to park in front of their houses when events exceed the capacity of our parking lot, and to foster a community that looks out for each other. Although the number of neighbors who stopped by was not as great as we had hoped, the Social was still a success as proven by neighbor Jeannie who came back to the temple with her drum to gift us with a song in appreciation. It was a perfect way to end the event. Thank you to Jeannie and all our neighbors.


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