Congretation Sukkat Shalom

Juneau Alaska

Located in the heart of the Tongass National Forest, Congregation Sukkat Shalom (Shelter of Peace) is the only synagogue in Southeast Alaska.

Formerly known as the ‘Juneau Jewish Community’, Congregation Sukkat Shalom took on its name when – after years of congregating in homes and welcoming churches – the Jews of Juneau found a permanent home.

Congregation Sukkat Shalom is a small, yet vibrant, volunteer-run organization. Most events (including services) are led by community members. This year, we are happy to host a rabbinical student from Hebrew Union College.

Congregation Sukkat Shalom welcomes the entire spectrum of our Jewish community and offers services, both in person and via Zoom, lifelong learning , social action opportunities, life cycle events and Tikkun Olam.

All are welcome!

If you’re new to the community, please email us.

Juneau is a melting pot and so is our Jewish community. Being so far from many of our extended families and childhood synagogues and homes, Congregation Sukkat Shalom (CSS) has become our extended family for many of us. Many of our kids grow up feeling like cousins. Also, because we come from so many different places and traditions, we are very open and diverse ecumenically and have created a unique blend of traditions from the many members and visiting rabbis through the years who have influenced us. I love this about CSS. I also love the uniquely Alaskan flavor – there is no pretension, people wear Xtra-tufs or dresses to services, people come to as many or as few events as they want, some come more for the sense of community and some for the religious inspiration.  Also, because there are no other synagogues in the community, CSS is particularly diverse and welcoming. It’s a challenge to be all things to all people, but our community works pretty hard at it. ” ~ R.B.


For more information, please email us.